When we try to buy something online, we generally check the product’s availability. So usually get what we want, but in a few cases, it shows out of stock, which means it became unavailable due to exorbitant demand for that product. Now, this whole process is computerized; some people keep updating this information, keeping in mind the customer’s request.

Previously  Stock products (สต๊อกสินค้า, which is the term in Thai)was a bit tedious job, and if the customer was looking for any product, then the shopkeeper had to search for it in their warehouse and update them in 3 to 4 days. So due to this loss of business can be seen as the customer is not willing to wait for one store, so they are going to buy it from another shop. Now it has become a piece of cake; everything can be handled through a certain app by doing a simple phone call without visiting the warehouse.

Once ordered automatically, they will ask you for your permanent address, which they will save, and then look for bank details for the payment process. After placing the order, one will supervise the products in the warehouse and stock products instantly when few are left. The shopkeepers can quickly know about the demand for any particular product to restock them on time to gain profit. The product remains in massive amounts in the warehouse, which means the people do not like it after a few months. They will be removed or displayed at a cheaper rate to clear the stock.

There is an easy way to stock product (การ ทํา สต๊อก สินค้า แบบ ง่ายๆ, term in Thai) by going through various apps. Now Mystore is the name of the app which records the detail of the customer, the amount of product they had purchased, their address, and also whether they are eligible for any discount coupon; everything gets enlisted in their app, so next time when you are about to order something they will show you the address where you had taken the delivery of your product. Now they also look into the products that were ordered mainly by the customers and how small they had invested so that they will give discounts or offers to those customers to increase their profit. There are many easy ways to stock the most demanding products, and ratings and reviews matter to make the product infamous.

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