College applications are evaluated by schools using the SAT exam for college entrance. The composing section of the SAT is becoming optional, but it still assesses students’ competence in math, reading, and composing. Students are tasked with interpreting passages and locating vocabulary classifications in the reading section.

If you are wondering where you should learn for SAT exam (เรียน SAT ที่ไหนดี, which is the term in Thai), then you will have to look for multiple sources on the net, and choose the one which has the best reviews.

The writing test consists of essays and questionnaires on phrase and paragraph construction, grammar, and usage. Numerous subjects are covered in the math section, such as geometrical, mathematics, and data analysis. Up to a maximum of 2400 focuses, also every section is fair 200–800 points.

How Are SAT Scores Evolving?

It was recently when the College Board updated about the SAT with nine significant changes affecting the test’s structure, content, and administration. These modifications were intended to ease worries that the SAT is losing its importance to students and colleges.

  • You can skip the timed essay section. The College Board anticipates that some campuses will continue to require the 800-point essay, but this returns the SAT to its original 1600-point scale, bottom from 2400 points.
  • More common words will be highlighted on the test. The College Board believes that students shouldn’t be required to memorize hundreds of words they’ll probably never use again, even though it may be nice to understand complicated words like “recompense,” “plaudit,” and “lachrymose.”
  • The segments of the math test will be problem-solving and analytical techniques, algebra, and more challenging math. The goal is to depart from the US educational model, which superficially covers a wide range of subjects.
  • The reimagined exam will make an effort to include more real-world-based questions. Instead of giving students bare equations to solve, the goal is to have them use math to model real-world situations. For instance, math questions will be presented in the context of the sciences and many other real-world situations.

Where Should I Learn For SAT Exam?

The College Board offers a tonne of in-depth information about its test, including videos describing various aspects of it, registration details, practice services, and an overview of its history. Many people can buy books for SAT exams and prepare at home; they will get more time to prepare for their exams.

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