Information technology is the future of digitalization. It ensures a great future for a nation. With the best cloud computing services, an IT company can reach new heights of success. HPE SimpliVity 380 Gen10 helps an IT firm to keep its application performance up to date.

Also, it enables the IT firm to have a hold over its company’s performance. Servers are an essential part of cloud computing. They speed up the working speed of IT companies.

What Is HPE Simplivity 380 Gen10?

It is a centralized rack-mounted server resource. It can be accessed by multiple users in the company on demand. It has a higher storage capacity where it can store all the essential information about the company.

What Are The Benefits Of Using HPE Simplivity 380 Gen10?

  • It is a highly converged server device. Hence, we can say that it takes over most of the workload of an IT firm.
  • It is scalable, and it is full of advanced functionalities. It is a complete set of functionalities, including a server, storage server, and its networking single-handedly.
  • HPE SimpliVity 380 Gen10 simplifies the work for IT firms. It enables the firm with its infrastructure and data services at a time.
  • It provides predictive data analytics at the host level, where the company can record and compare its reports. It enables the company to make crucial decisions to scale its market progress.
  • It is flexible to scale up or down the configurations per your needs.
  • It is one of the cost-effective solutions for IT companies.

Features Of HPE Simplivity 380 Gen10?

Many IT firms use this server because of the following features:

  • Complete hyper-convergence in an integrated system
  • It is a single hyper-converged system that simplifies the management process of an IT firm. It is an integrated system that increases the cost-efficiency of the system.
  • Offers peak and predictable performance
  • With this server, you can get a rise and predictable performance. Also, it speeds up your work process.

Flexible Configuration

It has a flexible rack-mounted configuration. You can scale out the structure if you do not have much work. And if you feel you can add one CPU to the node, start working. It is so efficient that adding one CPU will never reduce your work speed.

Advanced Data Services

The advanced data services enable you with built-in resiliency and backup. It is also a sound disaster management system on which you can rely easily.

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