Badlands National Park is one of the most undervalued national parks in the United States. Those rainbow buttes, spires, and pinnacles make for one of the most photogenic panoramas in the whole country. Both bison and bighorn sheep can be found on the United States’ largest tract of mixed-grass prairie. The best things to do at utah badlands are outlined here.

Interesting facts about Badlands National Park.

Get your schedule in order.

It is possible to reach the Northeast Entrance Station through Badlands Loop Road, which connects to Sage Creek Road. If you didn’t need to stop for anything along the way, it would take you about one hour and fifteen minutes to travel down this road in one direction.

Peaks peek out over

It is highly advised that you spend some time at this viewpoint at least once during the day, as it is one of the most visited spots in the park. We visited at dawn, midday, and sunset, and each time saw a marked change in the landscape’s aspect.

The badlands are recognised by their characteristic yellow hills.

Even though it’s not designated as such, this vantage point is stunning. As you approach the Yellow Mound Overlook, you’ll see bright yellow hills ahead of you. If you’d like to get out of your car and enjoy the landscape, there’s a convenient pull off to the side of the road.

Take in the sunrise over the desert.

The Badlands are beautiful at any time of day, but especially at sunrise and sunset. The sunrise, however, is far and away our favourite. Why? The fact that fewer individuals are willing to get up and make the drive to the park first thing in the morning is likely a contributing factor. On the other hand, the lighting design is also very unique.

The road to the fortress lies farther into the wilderness.

The Castle Trail is a five-mile long, point-to-point path that runs into the heart of the Badlands. This walkway connects the Fossil Exhibit Trail to the Window and Door Trails on Badlands Loop Drive.

There are numerous routes one might take while exploring the Castle Trail. If you want to do things the point-to-point way, you’ll need someone to drive you there and back again.

The Utah Badlands are a fantastic terrain full of surprises and unique opportunities for anyone in search of something different from the norm. With its beautiful landscapes, diverse wildlife, and unparalleled stargazing, this location truly has something for everyone.

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